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Wander free in a world shaped by Monet's art

Honoring the 180th anniversary of Monet’s birth, our novel traveling exhibition MONET BY THE WATER will tour 8 major US cities, premiering in San Francisco in December 2021 and coming to Brazil in Q2 2022.

Come as you are, no need for any equipment, and wander free in a world shaped by Monet’s art. 

300+ paintings are transformed into a 60+ minutes audiovisual experience that surrounds you with large multiscreen projections (26+ ft high), music and sound effects.

The Exhibition


Immersive experiences using headsets

Experience the 8 connected narratives of the MONET BY THE WATER exhibition even if your city is not part of the traveling tour, using a VR headset.

Get inside 8 famous paintings by Monet, one for each narrative, exploring his unique landscapes.

Enjoy a Monet art dome with a 360° perspective of his works.



Les Petites


Bring Monet to your home

A figurine of Monet creating a masterpiece reveals a miniature AR landscape, complete with music and sound effects, creating a virtual diorama and bringing to your home the tranquility of his Giverny's gardens, the coastline of his beloved Normandy, and the bustling activity at Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris.



Learn about Monet and his art

Explore a ​virtual guided visit to the exhibition space, and learn about Monet's paintings, the places depicted by him, his technique, and his life.

Children activities bring his art to life in their own language, in fun and interactive ways.

Join art workshops and classes to discover the techniques used by Monet and the Impressionists, and the new digital approaches behind MONET BY THE WATER.

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